Ph.D. Students


  • Tom Hiebert (Class of 2009, West Point, The United State Military Academy)
  • Cinder Xinde Zhang (Class of 2010, Assistant Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in Shanghai, China)
  • Lindsay Baran (Class of 2010, Assistant Professor at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio)
  • Jason Berkowitz (Class of 2012, Assistant Professor at St. John’s University in New York City, NY)
  • Min Park (Class of 2012, Visiting Assistant Professor at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey)
  • Yiying Cheng (Class of 2013, Assistant Professor at University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX)
  • Minhao Cai (Class of 2013, Assistant Professor at Lingnan College, Sun-Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China)
  • Patrick Schorno (Class of 2013, Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond – Charlotte Branch, Charlotte, NC)
  • Hung Nguyen (Class of 2013, Research Associate, Bureau of Labor and Statistics in Washington, D.C.)
  • Steve Martin (Class of 2014, Assistant Professor at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC)
  • Jun Chen (Class of 2014, Assistant Professor at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND)
  • Ben Le (Class of 2014, Visiting Assistant Professor at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI)
  • Nischala Reddy (Class of 2014, Visiting Assistant Professor at Washington State University in Pullman, WA)
  • Anan Zhuang (Class of 2015)
  • Robert (Mike) Dickson (Class of 2015, graduated December 2015, accepted a job at Horizon Investments in Charlotte on March 2015)
  • Samuel Abankwa (Class of 2016, accepted a job at Bank of America)
  • Katerina Ivanov (Class of 2016, Assistant Professor at Pfeiffer University at the Charlotte Campus)
  • Sailu (Lulu) Li (Class of 2016, Assistant Professor at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana)
  • Kwabena Kesse (Class of 2016, Assistant Professor at University of South Dakota in Vermillion, South Dakota)
  • Brett Blazevich (Class of 2017, Assistant Professor at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida)
  • Junya Jiang (Class of 2018)
  • Xinxin Li (Class of 2018)
  • Jeffrey Lyon (Class of 2018)
  • Charles Teague (Class of 2018)

Student Journal Publications 

Ambrose, Brent W., Yiying Cheng, and Tao-Hsien Dolly King, 2013, The Financial Crisis and Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program:  Their Impact on Fixed-Income Markets, Journal of Fixed Income, 23 (2), 5-26.

Baran, Lindsay C., and Tao-Hsien Dolly King, 2014, Information Asymmetry and S&P500 Index Changes, Applied Financial Economics, 24 (11), 771-791.

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Chen, Jun, and Tao-Hsien Dolly King, forthcoming, Corporate Hedging and the Cost of Debt, Journal of Corporate Finance. 

Chen, Xianzhe, and Weidong Tian, 2014, Optimal Portfolio Choice and Consistent Performance, Decisions in Economics and Finance, 37 (2), 453-474. 

Jiang, Junya, and Weidong Tian, forthcoming, Equilibrium Analysis of One Aggressive Investment Strategy, Journal of Financial Engineering, December 2014.

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Zhang, Cinder Xinde and Tao-Hsien Dolly King, 2010, The Decision to List Abroad: The Case of ADRs and Foreign IPOs by Chinese Companies, Journal of Multinational Financial Management; 20, 71-92.

Zhang, Cinder Xinde, and Dmitry Shapiro, forthcoming, Pricing of Skewness in Emerging Market, Advances in Behavioral Finance and Economics.